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(via Dragon pendant polymer clay decorated with by HurleyGirlydesigns)

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Shadymum has entered your territory


You curl you feet under you and settle down onto your haunches.

"I must admit I have never seen a dragon like you before today, though I will be sure to ask my Siblings if they have seen any. I do like to think The Tangled Wood is the best territory, the most beautiful by far."

Well at least you think so, nothing is more beautiful then eternal twilight in your opinion. The time when the shadows are at their longest.

"That is a shame. Hmmm I guess you could say I like them. Irritating as they are, some more so then others. Though we are mostly at, well war. It seems silly to me but I will not allow unwarranted encroachment to my territory."

//They sit down, so you sit down to mimic them. ♫ Following the leader, the leader, following the leader! ♫

"I guess half dragons are pretty rare in the rest of the worlds. The Tangled Wood? That is the name of your territory? That sounds super cool!" 

//That name makes you think of amazing woods with trees tangling around themselves to block out some of the light. Or maybe a forest tangled with growth!

"Wow. I can’t imagine being at war with my siblings. We fought but not war. But we shared a territory… So they try to take your land?"

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it doesnt really work that way that would be awful idea.

nitrogen is a gas when put under enough pressure condenses into its liquid form which then can freeze things on contact. its a really interesting reaction.
like you have a layer of throat mouth goop that keeps you from burning your mouth and stuff

oh okay no eats? 

that sound very confusing! when squish air becomes lake? ? 
huh well me never burn mouth!!! you burn mouth? 

//Your smile is bright as slowly the boat slides closet to a large in cave island, filled with huge trees with glowing leaves. You might have set up a picnic underneath one. 

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Shadymum has entered your territory


What a cute if somewhat strange little creature, he looked somewhat like the harpies of the roost, but most certainly smelled like another dragon.

"There are many clans, thousands of them. I have a very large territory, It is part of a larger land I share with my kin, they all rule over their own clans."

If any of you ate other dragons it was Icewarden, or Gladekeeper. Savages.

"Very well, Davodign it is then. What happened to your brothers? Did they go to serve a higher cause?"

//Tail twitching, you watch them curiously. Were they super magical, breathing fire and ruling their land? Were there dragons like you with a human parent out in this amazing world of clans? 

"With so many clans, are there other dragons like me? With your kin? I bet your territory is the best!" 

//You grin brightly, you might be biased as this was the only Deity you have met, but she was the best. 

"No, they got swept away in a storm. My oldest brother came back for a short time but left right away. Do you like your siblings?"

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ohh oh okay infections just like grow and breed in the un treated wound the body responds by trying to reject it its complicated i suppose.

*you recline into the boat as you think*

hmmm if she breathed ice i would guess shed have a lung full of liquid nitrogen i think, im not sure yall probably have a special goopy membrane that prevents you guys from burning or freezing yourselfs 

that sound yucky 
so eat them instead? 

//You giggle, flapping your wings gently to give the boat another push forward. 

what nitrogen? is like ice? 
oh yes me kind of fireproof! heh
but no know about membrane? 

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*you gaze in wonder, its very pretty you could hang out here for a long time it kind of reminds you of space but vaguely so*

wait what no what
nobody eats you dave 
im just thinking about how your biology works, i could be wrong entirely i would assume theres some kind of lung like thingy that holds a burnable gas probably under or behind your lungs but i cant know for sure since youd have to find me a dead dragon and i dont want you fighting with anybody for my science 

//Slowly the boat was pulling you down the tunnel, so you could sit here with your mate and just relax. Wyv looked interested! Yes you did good!

but infections… 
me confused wyv so confused

well i no know because once had friend named jade and she made ice so she has ice gas in lungs? so yeah me no know but you is smarts!!! 
so me has gas lung? 

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Shadymum has entered your territory


You snort, unimpressed by his lack of knowledge. Your flight is the second largest, just behind Windsinger. How can someone NOT know of your cunning and strength.

"Far away and much larger then yours, I’m taking a.. vacation of shorts. All those new clans, it gets a little tiring."

"Davodign, a dragons name. What would you rather I call you?"

//There was no hiding the bubbling excitement of meeting a full adult dragon, after you realized they didn’t seem to want to eat you. You could count on one hand how many you had met, 

"Clans? It must be a huge place for there to be clans! Do you rule the clans?" 

//With a head tilt, a twitter follows your question. 

"Davodign. I haven’t had anyone call me by my birth name since my brothers vanished."

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Shadymum has entered your territory


"It seems I’ve travel far to meet one who knows not who I or my siblings are. They are gods and I am Shadowbinder, born of night most black."

You hum and dip your head to meet the little ones eyes.

"And who are you, to not know this?"

"Shadowbinder? I have never heard your name before. Where is your territory?" 

//Your head tilts in confusion, blinking your orange-ish red eyes. How far away did he live? It had to be a huge land, especially if he was talking about siblings. 

"My name is Davodign. Though almost everyone calls me Dave, because they can’t pronounce my name." 

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