*you let your nails harden so you got a better grip pros of being a were wolf and you start truckin your way up after him*

imma catch you~

//You are almost at the top, waiting on a branch for Wyv who was quickly catching up. The goal was to spend time with him after all! He sure can climb now, though. Last time you climbed trees together your mate was a whole lot slower. 

//Was it a werewolf thing to be fast and cool?? 

nuh uh!!
me fast

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oh nice yeah thats romantic 

oh you think so?

*you go over to the tree and find a foot hold for your hand and pull yourself up and clawing your way up the tree*

wont even fly or jump! 

//Your claws are going into the bark to help pull you up quickly. Wow, such a cheater. 

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Dragon by gerezon

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lets climb trees!
that sounds like the funnest thing we could do aside from play in the water but i didnt bring a spar set of clothes

*you boop his nose you cant see is blush in the glow so good but you just wanted to boop his nose*

has picnic here to shares too!!
romantic meal?

but me beat you to the top of the tree!

//You giggle, kissing his finger before bouncing over to a tree to start slowly climbing.

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i love you too dave

*you look back at him as much as you can and smile at him you really do love this man and his quirks and flaws and hes just perfect for you*

want to climb tree? 
play in water? 
catch froggies? 

//You squeak, blushing brightly when he returns your love declaration. Wow that still gets you!

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great now lets keep goin on an adventure this way

*you continue to move rightward with your boyfriend in tow*

//You nod, bouncing beside your boyfriend. He looked pretty in the glowing light!

love you

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*you are just truckin along and taking in the sights. you slow down though so you can get a proper grip on his hand*

okay wait we gotta sort out this hand holding thing because its very important 

//Good thing you have Wyv to help with things like hand holding because that was just sad. Laughing, you hold his his hand properly. 

yes yes! me think me has proper hand holding now yes!