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//You look at the stranger, head tilted, and wave. 


Check out a new Emerald Spire Superdungeon preview. and I talk about our awesome levels today on the P blog!

Read about old-school cultism, the definition of a superdungon, and spoilers about dragons in Paizo’s LARGEST dungeon ever!

Need even more spoilers: these are artist Warren Mahey’s interpretations of Vrainheis and Ghalodz, twin magma dragons from my level of the Emerald Spire. They share a very unhealthy relationship. Ghalodz is the one who replaced his missing eye with a topaz.

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//You blink at the stranger, curled against a tree as you wave. 

Whenever someone plays with my hair




Or gives soft pets in general hggnnn.

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for reds davejake medievalstuck au!

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im okay!!
watcha been doing

just spending ime with my boyfriends. what about you? dud you do anything fun?

no i has been hunting todays 
gotta store up for winters!!

boyfriends?? how youses mates? they happy too?

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how you????

>Join him on the gound instead of hanging from a tree for once.

i’m pretty good! how are you?

im okay!!
watcha been doing

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//Squeak! Bounce bounce bounce.