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Be My Escape (Acoustic) | Relient K

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"Davodign" you repeat it once more and you think you’ve got it. "Okay" he seems so happy and excited, it’s rubbing off on you. "I’ve never met a faerie" you admit, "I think the ones that live in my universe are very very good at hiding, because I don’t think many people have seen them at all" you hum softly. "Maybe you can tell me about them too?" 

You laugh softly, trying to imagine him pink. “I think you would look just fine in any colour” you assure, brow furrowing. What happened to his brothers, you wonder.

"I’m sorry kiddo" you feel kind of sad now. Hold a hand out to brush his hair aside. "That’s a shame. What if I gave you somethin’ so you could come visit me whenever you want?" you suggest, looking at your wristworn transportalizer. You could make a simpler one for Davodign maybe?

"My world isn’t as nice as yours though" you confess.

You havent heard anyone call you that since your brothers vanished, there is enough excitement bubbling up that your tail is wagging like a young puppy’s. “Fae are all different, can teach you buts one usually nice group might be mean. Also courts are weird” Your shrug is casual as you smile brightly. Yeah, you were okay with this. 

"Me turn pink when get winter coat. Light pink, almost white. They think is funny." Yeah, being such a faded colour helped blend you in to the snow, although like a bird of paradise you always seem to have to be flashy. "You change in winter??" 

"Is kay, me dragon me gotta be strong!" You purr, bumping your head against his hand for scritches. "Me could visits? Just poof and be there? How get home?" 

"Your world like you? Cause you really nice!" 

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turntechfirebreather whispered,

//You drop a couple bags of gold and diamond, trying to by the pretty mate with the pretty hair and perfect smile that makes you happy.



they had you in the display booth, you see a few clips of money from the crowd until you see the strangest bidder drop a pile of gold and gems. you didn’t think anyone could pay like that. but in a snap they pull you out of the booth and present you to your buyer quickly taking the payment backstage in exchange.

The person escorting you for the time explains you can be ‘quite the handful’ before shoving you off (quite literally) to your buyer. You don’t actually speak much so you were just quiet as you meet your buyer.

you follow after him “hum sure lets go see the other guest rooms i suppose” you say you doubt you’d switch room unless you saw something positively amazing. “and then perhaps continue to the main room and so forth”

you watch him twirl around, so care free you think to yourself. you notice hes left the bowl but you just eye them as you close the door behind you.

Bouncing, you push open the closest door to reveal a room like Wyv’s but green instead of soft red and yellows. Green walls painted to look like a forest, green carpet to look like grass. The canopy was a lighter hue, with splotches of light soft yellows and tinted blue- to mimic the light coming down from between the trees. darker bedsheets with the same light pattern. 

The books were more about dragon history, written in draconian, so you were not sure Wyv would enjoy them as much. He couldn’t read the writing on your door, so best not to mention them. 


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(( Hey guys, I am not going to really be on today. I am heading off to the first day at a new job, and I dont get off till late and even later getting home. And I’m working graveyard tomorrow. So If you spot be before wednesday it is a gift!! ))

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//You curl up for the night, purring into your bed. 


Feralarmageddons | Cal | Bro | DraconicFacade
Rose | Kanaya | John | Jake

Some dragonstuck profiles and some friends. 
Sol because Dex is great ( I also messed up his eyes and didnt notice till after ) , Wyv because Wyv is great. 

Cal and Bro in the top row, I am really happy with Bro’s smirk. 

Rose wasn’t raised as a dragon, she was raised as an ‘Angel’ in one of the few cities around. Kanaya is one of her only friends. 

Kanaya actually has four wings, and she is trying to live on her own away from her large flight and from her mother and older sister. Trying to be independent. 

John glows. 

Jake looking like a dork. 


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mutedeyes has entered your forest


"I guess? You can’t drink it though or you’ll get sick" You pause, hum. 
"Dah-Vo-Di-Gn" slowly, then again, "Davo-dign, Davodign" it takes a few more tries, but your mouth eventually learns how to form the words. "No?" That doesn’t shock you. "Maybe you can teach me some" you suggest. You doubt speaking it will really be useful, but you would like to learn anyway if he’ll teach you.

"I hear Fae are tricky little bastards" you half joke. You know most of the stories about them are kinda scary. You try and think about how that would work, a dragon and a human? Well, the result is nice, so it’s fine you figure. However, that worked.

"I see" family?

"My brother died when I was still a kid" you admit, "I’m my only family" oh well. The past is the past.

"So, do you get many visitors?"

"Oh, that very bad mead then!" Yuck, a drink that makes you sick! Very bad water indeed! 

He is trying to say your name, actually trying. Usually everyone just says Dave, or dragon, and barely try. “Yes! Davodign! Draconian is common among dragons, but me only one in area now. But is helpful, fae like it.” You grin, having taught others a few words before Dirk was probably going to exceed. 

"Yes! They rude and try dye me pink, but worked for them when younger. They can be helpful though, sometimes nice. You no meet faeries?" The stories people tell are usually along the lines of ‘blast them’ ‘cursed beings’ ‘they destroyed my orchard!’… But he has heard of the fae. 

"Oh, I lost brothers too." Your feathered ears lower as you whimper. He lost family too? That is horrible!

"Sometimes, most time not. Can get lonely!" 

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